If you have specialist knowledge that you can share with other people it raises your profile. However, as specialists it can be easy to forget who you’re writing for. These tips are to ensure that your valuable message hits the target perfectly!

1. Plan what you’re going to cover; key points, intro and conclusion; this makes writing much easier.

2. Start with the end in mind; if you know where you’re going your readers will ‘get it’!

3. Read it out loud – you’ll soon find the bits that don’t work. Get out the red pen!

4. Leave for a few days and read it again, you’ll edit it more objectively.

5. If you have a lot to say, separate it into two or more pieces, each with its own point.

6. Remember who you’re writing for; it’s not you! Ensure your content works for the reader.

7. Keep your paragraphs short and lively; the article will have energy and be easier to read.

Post your articles on your own website, then edit them to present a unique article for each site where you submit it. This avoids the search engines finding duplicate content – which is a big ‘no, no’. You won’t need to write from scratch, but aim for about 20% difference for each presentation.
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