I love words – however, as George Bernard Shaw famously said ‘You must learn to murder your children’! Writing lots of lovely words about your company doesn’t work for the reader on the web.

When someone has arrived at your website they are looking for something; they’re either searching for information, or they want to buy something. If you spend their valuable time blinding them with how wonderful you are, you will lose them fast.

People want action – so tell them what your product or service will do for them and then tell them what to do next. Web copy that doesn’t draw the picture of how my problems will vanish and how lots of fantastic benefits will be mine isn’t doing it’s job.

A web page that doesn’t have a clear call to action is a mortal sin!

Create a clear cut vision of what life will be like with your product or service in place, then give them either another page to get more detail or a phone number and email (or both).

Cut any words that don’t contribute to these two outcomes!

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