I wish I had a pound for every website I’ve visited that starts with ‘We’ – and then continues to ‘We’ all over their website in paragraph after paragraph!

I know we’re all proud of what we do – but, as a potential customer, I really don’t want to know what you do – I want to know what I get.

Worse still, some websites think that the first thing you want to know as a visitor is how long they’ve been in business, how many people are in the team, who their clients are … etc. If I’ve visited your website there’s a really good chance that the first thing I want to know is whether you have got what I want. Once I’ve established that you have then I might be interested in some of these things, but they shouldn’t be taking over prime real estate on the home page.

If you’ve read the earlier blogs you should have a good idea of what people might be looking for – now you’ve got to find a way to present it to them in a way that engages them.

For instance, ‘We are a respected firm of chartered accountants’ becomes ‘You’ll get a proactive approach to your business accounts, aimed at saving you money on tax and helping you to be profitable.’

It’s all about sitting in the shoes of your reader and telling them what they want to know.
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