Headlines are a focus for the reader’s attention so they need to be big and compelling, it’s no good presenting them in any font size less than 18 point or they’re likely to get overlooked.

When people arrive on your page you need to get their attention quickly, so nothing should get in the way of them connecting with your headline. Page titles (About us, Services) are not headlines, but often overshadow the main message. Don’t waste prime real estate on page titles, your web designer should be smart enough to make the menu show the page you’re on!

The best headlines focus on why people buy YOUR business. If you’re not sure ask your customers why they use your services or products and apply that information to your headlines – other people will want the same things.

Avoid using the word ‘WE’ – your visitor is not interested in you or what you do; they want to know what they get. The best way to get engagement is to talk about your visitor and their challenges.

The best headlines answer the question ‘will this website tell me what I want to know?’ Use your headline to tell your reader what they will get if they read on.

To improve the ease of reading headlines should be in sentence case NOT caps and NOT with a cap for each word that stops readers at each word.

Don’t panic if your headline is a bit longer than the ‘norm’. they can be long if they are also compelling; experts say up to 17 words! I suggest less, but say what you need to.
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