Having a website is only part of your online presence; and the copy on your website must engage the reader and keep them there – but what other copy should you be thinking about online?

Blogs like this one are another way to engage potential customers, providing the information is not just a sales pitch, but offers real information of value to the reader.

Articles are another way to spread your knowledge and profile across the web and there are many sites where you can post these.

Social media profiles – and the use of them regularly are another way to engage with people and help them to ‘get to know’ you.

Twitter is microblogging – and the most well known of the many sites where you can post. Using this well has been a really successful business tool for many people.

These are all means of getting people to visit your site – and, if you have a tempting offer when they get there, they’ll sign up to your list. Your list is usually willing to receive your newsletter – and will continue to read it if it’s interesting and offers added value they’ll stay signed up. That also means that you can continue to build a relationship on a regular basis with autoresponder messages.

The secret is to get all these working together to really get your online marketing flying in formation.
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